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Best Branding Blogs in 2020

Staying on top of the trends as well as juggling the daily demands of brand management is a monumental task. Trying to keep your finger on the pulse of tech life with its continuous changes is impossible in the face of the 'always more' that could be done as you also keep up with the regimen of best practices: blog, respond, position, and promote.

Top 4 Branding Blogs

Great branding blogs offer a wealth of information, keep you connected to new progressions and emerging changes in best practices. Find the most useful and informative ones so that you can put their research to work for you. Here are our top picks for 2020.

1. Duct Tape Marketing

For great advice from a team that lays it all out for startups, look no further than the team at Duct Tape Marketing. Their extensive history of blogs and podcasts shows they're willing to share their learning. They cover all kinds of helpful tips on topics from the theory behind your social media strategy to a five-step guide to perfecting your lead generation follow-up (searchable by handy categories like 'Content Marketing' and 'SEO Guide').

Their variety of topics are presented with an easy-to-read tone and practical tips that help you to finish each article with something new to apply to your own business. While they have incredibly practical pieces on everything from google analytics to the best finance tools for small businesses, one of our favorite articles would be their edgy, 'How to Become the Only Business That Matters,' with a link to a super helpful, free eBook at the bottom of the article. This wealth of free information keeps them relevant as a valuable resource.

2. Sticky Branding

This team is at the forefront of strategy, with a current blog that always keeps you connected to the latest in response to current trends. Their free eBook, 'Crisis Marketing: How to Recover the Customers and Revenue Taken by COVID-19' is just one example of the valuable resources they make available to their subscriber base. 

The observations from Jeremy Miller and his team help you to grapple with the pressing issues of the day. The blog also reveals a keen understanding of the discussions you need to be having right now to stay on top of your brand during challenging times.

Their diverse topics help you consider the deeper issues of theory, like the clarity of purpose to promote the bottom line and optimal leadership strategies in the face of crisis. However, their reach is also valuable in the nitty-gritty considerations of issues like the best ways to advertise depending on market trends; for example, weighing the future of 'non-essentials' and how this impacts your clients.

3. Branding Mag

For an archive of articles, with multiple new blogs weekly from a diversity of sources, we recommend Branding Mag as a great resource. Weekly, check out what's new and read what sounds most relevant to your stage of growth and areas of concern. However, you should also keep this great library in your back pocket, so you can search for any topic you want to dig into more deeply.

Using their great internal search, you can also identify which thread, region, and specific topics you want to review. From strategy planning to packaging, this wealth of information can keep you ready for any industry-conversation and informed about the views and trends leading the discussions at large.

4. Personal Branding Blogs: Amanda Miller Little John

For a resource with a cache of articles on a diversity of practical and personal brand insights, we recommend finding a blogger whose personality you love. Amanda Miller Little John is a favorite, with years of blogs on file which will educate you as much as they inspire you. Her ongoing podcasts are another hit, like 'Package Your Genius' for guiding you through the kind of reflective growth you'd usually need a professional executive coach to achieve.

Finding Your Favorite

To find the personal blogger whose a great fit for you to follow, we recommend visiting the 'Personal Branding Blogs' section of '50 Must-Read Branding Blogs for Marketers & Brand Management Professionals.' Their cursory list of some of the top names will allow you to get a feel for the flavor of each successful personality as you consider which might be a fit for your business.

One of the top goals of performance professionals, whose job it is to help you achieve your best, is to draw you into growth through reflection. These names not only keep you connected professionally but personally pull something out of your journey if you can identify a voice you can listen to.

If you're a professional with a lot to juggle, having time-effective access to the experts can translate into new insights and the growth of your bottom line. Dedicating time each week to reading some exceptional branding blogs is a worthwhile investment in your company. Identify the sources you have found most helpful and keep up with them. This list is a great place to start, and a strong way to improve your company and prioritize strategic growth.

Need Help Starting Your Blog?

Do you have a passion for your topic and want to share it with your market? Does starting a blog seem overwhelming to you? Do you feel you don't have the writing skills required? Spot On Creative Solutions is ready to help you strategize and develop a spot on blog for your business. Contact us here to get started!

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