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How to Build a Brand People LOVE

Today's consumer market is saturated with businesses, products, and brands vying for the attention of consumers. When determining how to build a brand, you must use strategies that not only capture customer attention but also make you stand out in a crowded landscape.

Building a successful brand does not require spending a ton of money to attract attention to your business. The most successful brands establish and build on long-term relationships with core customers. 

How to Build a Brand That Grabs Attention

The first step in building a brand with a devoted following is to define it. This vital first step will not only determine what your brand stands for but will also help you define your core strengths. You need to look not only at what makes your brand unique but also to identify your own skills and expertise that can help your brand to stand out.

Promote What Makes You Special

Describe what it is you offer your customers, why they need your product or service, and what makes you unique from competitors. Do you want to be known for excellent 24/7 customer service? Is providing a high-quality product you guarantee most important to you?

Don't try to be all things to all people, however. Simply focus on what it is you do best and what your unique offerings will bring to your customers, and let that be the core of your brand message.

Find Your Brand Message

You want to reach out to your customers on a personal level, and that is where your brand message comes in. This message should first communicate to your customers "why" you do what you do. The "what you sell" and "how you sell it" are secondary.

The key is to connect emotionally. Your brand message (or brand story) should appeal to your customers and be compelling enough to keep them hanging on.

Find Your Target Audience

Do some market research to identify your target audience and speak to them on a personal level. Find out what issues or problems your target customers may face, and then determine how your product or service will solve those pain points.

The more you can identify with your potential customers, the more eager they will be for your brand. Starbucks uses customer feedback on its website to conduct market research, determining in which areas they should test new products before launching them nationwide.

Building Your Brand Values

Decide what your business stands for and use this as a basis to develop your values. Those values will also help form the heart of your brand message, whether they are contributing to environmental or social causes, focusing on the economic well-being of those who are underprivileged, or devotion to the best quality possible in your products.

You want your brand to be synonymous with taking a stand and doing something to make this world a little better, and you want your customers to remember that connection.

One company well-known for doing just this is Bombas Socks. They have successfully promoted their "One purchased = one donated, always and forever" business model, donating a pair of socks for each one purchased.

Connect Locally

Along the same lines, build a community with your brand on a local level. Local networking groups are a great way to connect with business leaders and potential customers, especially if you are just getting started. Your level of involvement can range from hosting networking events to volunteering your business expertise to others just starting out as a way to give back to your community.

You will meet potential customers face-to-face who can spread the word about your business while you also gain familiarity with your local marketplace that you can apply to your branding strategy and overall business plan.

Craft Your Digital Message

You will eventually want your business to appear on all relevant social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But it is not enough to just create promotional posts. You will want to create content that people will not only want to view but will also share with their friends. Blog posts and articles shared from other sites that contain content relevant to your business are a great way to encourage customers to share information.

The home decor company Wayfair, for example, uses their Instagram page to not only sell their products but also to provide decorating tips and advertise promotions. Their content showcases beautiful furniture arrangements and ideas such as how to update your kitchen or rearrange your family room - highly valuable and sharable content. Seek to post valuable and shareable content like this.

Use Digital Media

Posting videos, digital publications such as PDFs and slide decks, and podcasts are more likely to attract and retain potential customer's attention. People also love to share their opinions, so posts that ask customers to answer a question or take a survey encourage the engagement your business needs to stay top of mind.

Another important point to remember is that social media is all about communication. The most successful brands engage with their customers on their sites, whether it is responding to positive feedback or reaching out to help solve a problem. Social Seahorse's Instagram profile is an ideal example of how a brand shows appreciation for their followers by actively engaging with them.

Invest in Your Website

An attractive and easy-to-navigate website is the difference between customers engaging in your site or simply clicking through. Consider the image your website presents of your business. Is it engaging, easy to use, and compliments your branding?

A professional-looking website can mean all the difference between keeping customers interested and leaving it to search for another.

Nest, for example, uses beautiful images on its website to explain its product and uses strong visuals to walk potential customers through an explanation of how their products will work for them. This is a great example of understanding customer experience. Learning the concept and value of customer experience is essential for your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and create experiences that attract, engage, and delight them.

Review Your Brand

Your brand, like your customer base, is not static. Just as you will have to continually work to attract new customers, your brand will also need to grow and evolve in its lifetime to keep pace with changing marketplaces. New events and changing circumstances bring opportunities as well as challenges that will require you to either enhance the value of your brand or even reinvent it.

As your brand name grows over time, the responsibilities and expectations that come with how to build a brand will also grow. To ensure brand loyalty and growth, you must continually review and reevaluate what is working for your brand and your customers, and what needs to change.

Reviewing your strategies on a regular basis will help you recognize new opportunities while allowing you to stay true to your vision and brand strategy. Your brand will continue moving on the right path and remain relevant to the customers who have grown to love and depend on it.

Need Help Making Your Brand More Loveable?

If you are struggling to find your niche in a sea of brand messages, Spot On Creative Solutions can be your lifeline. We help you discover and develop your unique brand identity and how to enhance the value of your customer's experience to build client loyalty. To develop a brand your clients will love, contact us at Spot On Creative Solutions.

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