• The Spot On Creative Team

How to Build a Brand People LOVE

Today's consumer market is saturated with businesses, products, and brands vying for the attention of consumers. When determining how to build a brand, you must use strategies that not only capture customer attention but also make you stand out in a crowded landscape.

Building a successful brand does not require spending a ton of money to attract attention to your business. The most successful brands establish and build on long-term relationships with core customers. 

How to Build a Brand That Grabs Attention

The first step in building a brand with a devoted following is to define it. This vital first step will not only determine what your brand stands for but will also help you define your core strengths. You need to look not only at what makes your brand unique but also to identify your own skills and expertise that can help your brand to stand out.

Promote What Makes You Special

Describe what it is you offer your customers, why they need your product or service, and what makes you unique from competitors. Do you want to be known for excellent 24/7 customer service? Is providing a high-quality product you guarantee most important to you?

Don't try to be all things to all people, however. Simply focus on what it is you do best and what your unique offerings will bring to your customers, and let that be the core of your brand message.

Find Your Brand Message

You want to reach out to your customers on a personal level, and that is where your brand message comes in. This message should first communicate to your customers "why" you do what you do. The "what you sell" and "how you sell it" are secondary.

The key is to connect emotionally. Your brand message (or brand story) should appeal to your customers and be compelling enough to keep them hanging on.

Find Your Target Audience

Do some market research to identify your target audience and speak to them on a personal level. Find out what issues or problems your target customers may face, and then determine how your product or service will solve those pain points.

The more you can identify with your potential customers, the more eager they will be for your brand. Starbucks uses customer feedback on its website to conduct market research, determining in which areas they should test new products before launching them nationwide.