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Logo Power! How a Great One Can Set Your Brand Apart from the Rest

Marketing 101: logos are by far the most effective tool in your promotional arsenal to help you build brand identity in the marketplace.

Although your logo is only one part of your overall branding strategy, it is indeed the most important one. Let’s first explain the difference between “logos” and “brands”. Imagine a stick figure. Think of your logo as your face or head, the graphical element most people will see and identify with. All parts of the body support that logo through brand strategy. One arm is your website. The other arm represents your social media channels. One leg is the salesperson representing your company. The other leg is the person answering your business calls. I think you get the picture now.

Your brand is really about your business attitude and personality. It is a reflection of how you want to be seen in your market and should ideally be applied to every corner of your business.

Great logo design plays a crucial role in customer recognition, loyalty, and support. Just think of the Nike “swish” as an example. Their logo typically instills a sense of good health, athleticism, and strength. It is often said that customers form an opinion about a company within seconds. A well-designed logo should let potential customers know that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

A logo should be distinctive enough to be easily recognized and simple enough to work across multiple media — including print, web, and broadcast. A good logo is memorable and makes a great first impression. It should be scalable and effective at any size – whether it’s on something as big as a billboard or as small as a pen. Plus, a good logo makes an impact both in color and in black and white.

It’s all in the details

Logo design, because of its fundamental importance to your business, should ideally be created by a professional graphic designer in collaboration with you. Careful attention must be paid to every element in the logo — including colors, icons, graphics, and fonts. All of these elements help to convey a message about your brand. The visuals and imagery should be appropriate for your company to avoid confusion. In short: your logo must deliver the right message about your company to your potential customers. It's important to get this right the first time.

Learn How to Attract and Delight Your Audience

Spot On Creative Solutions is committed to helping startups, solopreneurs, and micro-businesses define, develop, and evolve their business and brand. Contact us here for a free branding consultation. We will help you get your logo done right the first time!

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