• The Spot On Creative Team

Rebrand or Brand Refresh : What's the Difference?

Have you fallen out of love with your business's brand? Have your customers? If so, it might be time for a brand refresh or a complete rebrand. 

Branding Your Business

But what's the difference between a brand refresh and rebranding? How do you know when it's time for a change? And once you've decided, what exactly are you supposed to do? Those answers and more are coming right up.

What's the Difference Between a Brand Refresh and a Rebrand?

First, understand that these two terms refer to making changes to your brand's identity in order to shape the way customers see your brand. The difference is in the degree of change. A brand refresh is a lot like a fresh coat of paint, while rebranding is akin to tearing your brand down to the foundation and building a whole new structure.

Both have their place. So how do you figure out which approach is what your company needs? It all starts with understanding your brand and diagnosing its issues.

Evaluating Your Brand

Before you can even start to analyze what's missing from your brand's identity, you need to review the fundamental characteristics of your brand. What are its values, visual elements, and personality? Take a look at your mission and vision statements. Are they still applicable, or have they gone stale?

If you didn't establish these clearly and firmly in the past, then now's a good time to start. Once you know what you need to evaluate, you need to get your customers involved.

Using Customer-Driven Data

Everyone likes to say they put the customer first, but a whopping 42% of companies don't survey seek feedback from their customers. Be on the right side of that statistic by encouraging your existing customers to provide you with feedback on your brand.